IMLA responds to misleading reports of comments at yesterday’s IMLA Great Mortgage Debate

18 September 2015

Peter Williams, Executive Director of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA), comments

“We are greatly concerned about misleading reports of comments from our Great Mortgage Debate yesterday, which were in context of a broad discussion about the UK’s housing supply issue and the need for a joined-up strategy across all ages and tenures.

“The aim was to raise important questions that must be considered about the types of support needed at both ends of the property ladder, including schemes like rent-to-buy and options for ‘last time buyers’—that is, people who want to think about downsizing in later life but who are often put off by a lack of suitable properties and the costs involved. It is vital these questions are addressed in the round, so that—as well as building more homes—the UK builds the right kind of homes to support the whole population.

“Today’s Daily Mail report both trivialised and sensationalised comments made by members of the panel and that is regrettable. Public debate about housing issues is important and the Daily Mail should aim to contribute to that rather more constructively than by running scare stories and offering misleading reports of what was said.”

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